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How to start a hair extension business

How to start a hair extension business

The beauty industry is growing at a considerable rate, and hair extensions are more popular than ever. This is a good time to start your own hair extension business. In this article, we discuss how to start a hair extension business.

Why you need to follow the right hair extension technician course

Before you start your hair extension business, you need in-depth knowledge of the art of hair extensions. You need to train with a technician with years of experience and superior technical skills. The mentor you choose should be able to provide you detailed guidance on how to become a proficient hair extension technician. If you are interested in becoming a hair extension and starting your own business, we provide comprehensive training. You can contact us to sign up for a course.

How to start a hair extension business – have a plan

A sound business plan is an integral part of building your own business from scratch. A detailed plan inclusive of market analysis, marketing plan, profitability analytics as well as a feasible logistics and operations plan will help you set up your hair extension business on a robust foundation. And, lenders, banks and business partners too will feel at ease in investing in your business if you have a proper and pragmatic business plan.

How to find funding for your hair-extension business

Finding funding for your hair extension business is an important step. Depending on your requirement, and plans this could be either a small sum or a large investment that funds a full salon. At the initial stage you will need star-up capital to set up the salon, buy equipment, interior decoration and marketing. Include a well-strategized capital requirement plan when you seek out a loan, and present this along with your business plan.

Why you need to create a brand to start your own hair extension business

You need to create and nurture a brand that appeals to your target audience. Clients today, especially in the beauty industry are drawn to appealing brands with a story to tell. Find your own story, figure out what your target clients require, and proceed to carefully craft your brand. Establish your social media presence to represent the tone of your voice, and tell your brand story. Once you set up your brand, you need to work on maintaining consistency.

How to build client relationships in your hair extension business

Your clients are pivotal to your business. Always, remember that you need to treat every client with respect, kindness and friendliness. Once a client sits down in your chair, they trust you with their image. It is a big responsibility, and you need to nurture the relationships you establish with all your clients.

Why organization is a big part of setting up a hair extension business

The administrative and logistics side of the business is just as important as marketing, branding and relationship building. You need to keep an inventory, manage your accounts, work on business partnerships and even be prepared for licensing requirements.

Why you need to revisit your hair extension business plan consistently

Don’t be wary of revisiting the drawing board. In any business, you will need to revisit and re-establish the initial business plan after you start operating. Be open to sensing the right direction, and tweaking and adjusting your plans accordingly.

Setting up a hair extension business will require you to put in a lot of hard work. But, the key to business success is being proficient in your craft. We provide a comprehensive hair extension technician course to beginners and intermediates. Please use the form below, chat with us or call our office during office hours.