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How to take care of human hair extensions

How to take care of human hair extensions

Hair extensions have left the days of being obvious behind. And, human hair extensions add length and volume to your hair, helping you to proudly sport gorgeous hair dos. But, much like natural hair, human hair extensions need a lot of looking after. Let us explore how to take care of human hair extensions.

The basics – how to take care of human hair extensions

The first rule of taking care of human hair extensions is treating them like natural hair. Hair extension experts use several methods to integrate extensions to your natural hair. They might sew in the additional hair, use micro links or tape the hair. The exact method depends on your own hair, requirement and preference. Whatever method your stylist used, caring for your extensions includes washing them along with your natural hair. However, if your human hair extensions are clipped in or glued, you need to remove those and treat them separately.   But, take care to be gentle, and opt for good quality hair extension care products.

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How often should you wash hair extensions?

Similar to natural hair, extensions can dry out if you wash it far too much. Wash your natural hair and extensions about three to four times a week. But, on the days you don’t wash your hair, rinse gently and use some conditioner. However, how often you should wash hair depends on its thickness, the amount of products used and oil content. For instance, someone with thick and dry hair who does not use a lot of styling products does not have to wash hair often. But, someone who styles their hair everyday should wash hair more frequently.

How to condition hair extensions

Conditioner keeps your hair hydrated, and repairs heat-damaged hair cuticles. When you condition your hair and extensions, work in the conditioner all the way into the roots. Leave the conditioner on for about 10 minutes and rinse gently. If your hair extensions are braided in, leave some ‘leave in conditioner’ on the hair during the day.

Why you need to dry your hair extensions before bed

You should never go to bed with your human hair extension still wet. They will bunch up and form tangles. As you move in your sleep, the tangles could get stuck and pull on your own hair. This could damage your natural locks. If your natural hair is braided under the extensions, leaving hair wet can lead to mildew. You could sit under a hooded dryer to completely dry your hair.

Why should you use heat protectant spray on human hair extensions? 

Heat damages hair – both natural and extensions. A good heat protectant spray can add moisture to hair to prevent moisture from escaping on hot days. Use a heat protectant spray to create a shield around hair strands to allow those gorgeous locks to keep shining.

Getting human hair extensions is a serious business, and not one that should be taken lightly. You need expert guidance and care from a professional hair extension stylist for natural looking hair. If you are looking for help with hair extensions, please use the form below or call or text us.