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Can You Curl Human Hair Extensions

Can You Curl Human Hair Extensions?

Can You Curl Human Hair Extensions? If you want to style your hair to create unique looks and glamorous hairdos, premium hair extensions are the way to go! By adding texture, volume and length, high-quality premium hair extensions, let you style your hair any way you like, whenever you want. 

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Can you curl human hair extensions?

The best thing about hair extensions is that they can be blow-dried, styled, straightened and curled, just like natural hair! 

Before getting your curling iron out, read our tips and tricks to curling human hair extensions that will help you style your hair without causing damage to your extensions. 

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Heat matters 

A curling iron that is too hot could damage your human hair extensions. Ensure your curling iron/wand temperature is between 200-250 degrees Fahrenheit to curl your hair safely without risking splitting and breakage. 

Use the correct brush/comb

Maintaining your hair using products and accessories specifically made for human hair extensions is essential. Browse our products for a wide range of shampoos, conditioners, wide-tooth combs and professional styling irons to help you have bouncy hair extension curls that look healthy and natural. 

Understand the curling wand 

Curling irons include different wands that create various curls, from big loose beach curls to tight coil curls. Spend some time to understand your curling iron, the different settings and the attachments included so that you can curl your hair just the way you like it! Shop our website for the ‘BeautyWorks’ professional styler trio edition with three interchangeable barrels and two detachable wands to help you get effortlessly glam curls! 

Section your hair 

Sectioning your hair extensions before curling makes your styling process faster and easier. Use large sectioning pins to keep hair in place, then take each piece of hair and start curling from the bottom up. 

Go easy on the holding products 

Too much product in your hair can weigh it down, making your hair-do look dry or sticky. Go light on the holding products and use only as necessary. Investing in premium hair extensions allows you to style your hair effortlessly without using many products.

Be gentle 

Similar to natural hair, hair extensions should be handled with care. Be gentle with your hair extensions by lightly holding your hair when curling, and avoid tugging and pulling. 

Keep it cool 

Once you remove the curling wand, keep the curled hair in place with your finger or a clip till it cools down to ensure that your hair extensions will hold the curl.