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How Do I Become a Successful Hair Extensionist

How Do I Become a Successful Hair Extensionist?

The hair and beauty industry has been thriving over the years, making it a great time to start your career as a successful hair extensionist. If transforming a client’s hair through beautiful weave hair extensions is something you are interested in, keep reading! 

We’ve put together some simple tips on how you can become an excellent hair extensionist who loves their job!  

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How do I become a successful hair extensionist? 

Get qualified 

Quality work attracts repeat customers, so the first step would be to train under the guidance of qualified mentors. A good hair extension course is the pathway to success. The correct mentors won’t only teach you the proper technique but can help you kick-start your career. Check out our hair extensions training courses, taught by qualified professionals! 

Maintain great client relationships

Be open, honest and warm to your clients. Building a good rapport with your patrons is one of the best ways to ensure your business grows and succeeds. Some ways to build trust are by :

  • Comprehensively explaining the process of weaving in hair extensions and aftercare. 
  • Answering all their questions and queries 
  • Being transparent about the pricing 
  • Treating them with respect
  • Inquiring about their well-being 
  • Paying adequate attention 
  • Showing your appreciation to long-term clients with thank you cards, holiday cards and discount vouchers 

Wear the hair 

What better way to show your skills and talent than to display what you do! Wearing hair extensions is a great way to attract new and potential customers. Hair extensions attached through expert weaving techniques will make your clients opt to get similar extensions that are as neat and luscious as yours. 

Find a quality supplier 

Even the most skilled hair extensionist cannot provide an adequate service if their hair extensions are of inferior quality. Invest some time sourcing hair extensions that are long-lasting and of premium quality. The supplier must be reliable, reputed, and trustworthy. This ensures that you receive your products on time, reducing the chances of having to cancel appointments and consultations due to low inventory. 

Create a brand 

Marketing is key! Build a brand around yourself.  Engaging in effective marketing and advertising is essential to gaining new clients. Create consistent branding, a personal tone of voice, and a persuasive marketing strategy to attract new clients. 

Review regularly 

A successful hair extensionist should regularly review their business and ideas. Adapting to change, keeping up with the latest trends and offering unique services is the best way to achieve your goals and objectives so that you can grow and expand. 

Becoming a hair extensionist is not easy, but it truly is a rewarding and lucrative career if you plan and prepare. Following these simple steps can help you become a successful hair extensionist!