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How to Wash Beaded Hair Extensions

How to Wash Beaded Hair Extensions

You’ve finally decided to go for beaded hair extensions, and you’re excited. But, how do you wash beaded hair extensions? It can be tricky, but there is a method. Let us discuss how to wash beaded hair extensions: 

Are beaded hair extensions worth it?

Beaded extensions are applied without heat and work well with your natural hair. Your beaded extensions will feel weightless, last longer and will not irritate your scalp. And, you’ll have flowing and luscious looking hair with your beaded extensions. But, you do need to find an experienced and detail oriented hair extension technician to do the job if you want flawless results. If you’ve been on the lookout for a hair extensions salon near me we offer high quality Russian hair extensions in Sydney, including beaded and sew in weft hair extensions along with hair extensions training courses.

Now, let’s talk you through how to wash beaded hair extensions:

How to prepare your beaded extensions for washing?

You need to take good care of your beaded extensions if you want to keep those locks looking beautiful for longer. Before you get your hair wet, use a detangling comb to get all the tangles out. You need to brush from mid-shaft to end gently. Make sure that each part of the hair attached to beads is loose and separated.

How to choose the right shampoo and conditioner for beaded extensions?

Using the right products is critical to the health of your natural hair and extensions. The best shampoo and conditioner products for extensions are sulfate free and gentle. You need to avoid products that contain heavy protein and silicone. And, stay away from shampoo designed for damaged hair. If you use heavy products, oil tends to build up on your beads and cause damage.

How to wash and shampoo beaded extensions? – Technique

Once you complete the pre-wash regimen, stand in the shower with your tangle free hair. Let your hair fall naturally, and avoid tipping your head backward or forward. If you find that water isn’t running straight down your back, adjust your head gently. You can gently scrub your hair and beads. But, avoid circular and vigorous rubbing. Excessive movement can put a strain on the beads’ seal.

Once your hair is wet, shampoo gently. Massage softly and avoid circular motions. You’ll feel the weight of your extensions. Use your hand as a comb to alleviate the heaviness.

How to condition and wash beaded extensions? – Technique

Apply conditioner from mid-shaft to ends. But, avoid conditioning the beads. Generously apply conditioner and wait about 3 minutes before rinsing.

How to dry and brush beaded extensions?

Rubbing your hair with a towel is a strict ‘no-no’ when you have extensions. Instead, sandwich your hair gently with a towel and press to let the towel absorb the excess water. At all costs, avoid harsh movements. Detangle again after patting your hair dry. You can use an infused oil to detangle after washing. If it’s possible, let your hair air dry. If you’re going to use a blow-dryer, stick to a downward direction.  

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