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Are Extensions Bad for Your Hair?

Are Extensions Bad for Your Hair?

Not everyone is blessed with naturally thick, flowing locks. But, anyone can get hair extensions to add layers, thickness and length to hair, and look fabulous in a new hairstyle. But, are extensions bad for your hair? Let’s debunk the myths and learn the art of hair extension care.

Can hair extensions damage natural hair?

There are some horror stories of hair extensions going awry floating on the internet. Are extensions bad for your hair? In truth if hair extensions are applied professionally and cared for regularly, they cause no damage to real hair. Sure, the process often requires heat and manipulation of your natural hair. However, as long as your hair extension technician follows basic safety and guides you well in aftercare; your natural hair should be fine. If you’re interested in getting hair extensions, we offer professional hair extensions in Sydney including weave hair extensions, microlinks, and microblading along with some of the best hair extension courses offered online in Australia. So, if you’ve been looking for a Sydney hair extensions salon, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do hair extensions look different from natural hair?

As long as you opt for human hair extensions that match the texture and thickness of your hair, they should blend in seamlessly with your own locks. There are different types of hair you could choose depending on the quality of your own hair.

If you have naturally thin and soft hair, virgin Slavic hair is a good choice for you. Russian hair on the other hand is slightly denser, and is available in a variety of shades and textures.

European hair is in fact dense and long Asian Remy hair – suitable for women with naturally dense hair.

Are hair extensions too heavy?

You can minimize the feeling of heaviness in hair extensions; by opting for human hair in place of synthetic hair. You should also consult your hair technician about the number of extensions you get regardless of the type of hair extension.

Are Hair Extensions Too Noticeable?

It’s natural to worry about your extensions being too conspicuous. Your hair extensions won’t be too noticeable if you select the right type of extension and hair for your natural locks. The extensions should match your natural hair in tone and colour.

Can hair extensions cause natural hair to get dry and brittle?

The secret to natural looking, gorgeous hair extensions is proper care. When your hair extensions technician first applies the extensions, they will give you guidelines on after care. Follow their advice and don’t skip on regular visits for maintenance. Here are some tips to help you care for your new and improved tresses:

·         Choose a sulfate free, mild and hypoallergenic shampoo

·         Detangle your hair before washing

·         Wash your hair gently and avoid rubbing hair too hard

·         Don’t rub your hair too hard with a towel when drying (sandwich hair between the towel and press)

·         Avoid using oils

·         Choose appropriate hair nutrition and moisturizer

·         Brush your hair gently, starting from tips and gradually moving upwards to the roots

Hair extensions have left their days of  being obvious behind. But, you need to work with a qualified hair extension technician to sport flowing, healthy looking extensions. If you’re interested, call us during office hours or use the below form.