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How Often Should You Wash Remy Hair Extensions

How Often Should You Wash Remy Hair Extensions?

You’ve finally decided to go for Remy hair extensions to sport luscious, voluminous locks proudly. But, half the battle in maintaining your hair extensions lies in the way you care for both your natural locks and extensions. How often should you wash Remy hair extensions and how do you care for the newfound locks of perfection?

Is Remy hair low maintenance?

Most women do enjoy the low maintenance aspect of Remy hair extensions. But, there are certain basics you need to follow to keep the extensions in optimal condition. There are certain questions you might have. How often should you wash Remy hair extensions? The answer to this question is at least once a week. This will help you keep your sew in Remy human hair extensions free of odour, pollution and even styling residue. However, it’s important to get your hair extensions done by a professional to avoid disappointment. If you’ve been looking for Sydney hair extensions specialists, we offer exceptional services including remy and weave hair extensions as well as some of the best hair extension courses in Sydney.

How to wash and care for Remy hair extensions?

Carefully brush and detangle the hair before you wash them. After you wash the extensions, add a few drops of coconut or almond oil while it’s wet. You’ll be able to keep the extensions moisturised and sleek. Avoid brushing your extensions while they’re wet, as the follicles are delicate. Here is a step by step guide to washing remy hair extensions.

Step 1 – Brush and detangle extensions

Step 2 – Wet your extensions as you would normally

Step 3 – Apply conditioner and then shampoo (on top of the conditioner)

Step 4 – Wash gently

Step 5 – Rinse your extensions well

Step 6 – Apply a few drops of coconut or almond oil

What kind of products to use on Remy hair extensions?

As Remy extensions are made out of human hair, you can use the same products that you use in your natural hair. But, if you wish to extend their usability, opt for gentle, alcohol free products. And, remember while your natural hair obtains oil from the scalp, extensions need more care. That’s why you need to choose products that condition and add moisture to your hair. Look for sulfate free products as they remove oils from hair. If you use products that include sulfate, your hairpiece could dry out easily. Speaking of products, try to minimise getting your Remy hair wet in the pool. Chlorine can dry out your hair piece.

How to style remy hair extensions?

Remy extensions are made with natural hair. Hence, you can style them using regular equipment that you use on your own hair. You can use a hair dryer, curler or flat iron. But, be wary of using too much heat. Set the tools to the lowest heat setting and use heat protection cream. You can use a loop brush or a wide toothed comb to brush your hair extensions. Use gentle, purposeful strokes to prevent breakage. Always start at the end and work your way up.

Remy hair extensions add luster to your hair with minimal damage. If you’re looking for a professional hair extensions technician, feel free to call us during office hours or fill out the below form.