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Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair

Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Hair extensions have got some bad press with horror stories of damaged hair cropping up on searches. But, do extensions damage your hair? Let’s delve into the real situation.

Do hair extensions ruin your natural hair?

There is a common misconception about potential damage from hair extensions. Do hair extensions damage your hair? The answer is no – as long as you approach a professional hair extensions technician who uses high quality material and has ample experience. But, remember that aftercare is just as important for maintaining your newly acquired luscious locks. If you’ve been looking for hair extensions in Sydney NSW, particularly for a hair extensions salon, we offer hair extension services and some of the best hair extension courses in Sydney.

Do hair extensions blend in naturally?

You’ve probably encountered your fair share of questionable hair extension photos on social media. But, most often these problems occur because an untrained technician worked on the extensions or cheap products. If you choose a hair extensions technician with the necessary training and knowledge of high quality products, you’ll end up with locks that blend seamlessly into your natural hair. When you first consult the technician they’ll first examine and get to know your hair. Afterwards, they’ll colour match the extensions and prepare them for fitting. During the fitting appointment, the technician will fit each strand individually.

Do hair extension tracks show?

Certain types of hair extensions require a track. But, when you get your hair extensions done by a professional, they will make sure that the tracks remain concealed. Hair extensions technicians are trained to place the tracks in the safe zone (the bottom half of your scalp). This zone is in line with the area below your eyebrows, which means that there will be enough of your natural hair to camouflage the track.

Do hair extensions cause headaches?

This is a myth. Wearing hair extensions doesn’t cause headaches unless you attach your own clip-ins or the extensions aren’t fitted properly. If you opt for clip-ins try to minimise the number of hairpieces. This way the extensions won’t be too heavy or cause discomfort. When professionals apply hair extensions, they weigh and measure the extensions to ensure that they don’t weigh too heavily. Once you get used to extensions, they will feel natural.

Do hair extensions tangle?

Much like your natural hair, extensions require care. Just as  you wouldn’t leave your natural hair to get to the state of a tangled mess – make sure you care for extensions daily. You can use safe detangling shampoo, a wide toothed comb and wrap your hair in silk before hitting the bed at night. When you get hair extensions from a professional technician, they provide you with detailed guidance on aftercare. Listen carefully, remember the care tips and take good care of your hair – natural and extensions.

Are hair extensions safe?

If you approach a professional hair extensions technician, they’ll ensure the quality of your extensions. And, your hair won’t get damaged, brittle or easily break down. It won’t become thin, and remain as healthy as ever.

Like we explained, hair extensions are completely safe and discomfort-free, as long as you get them done by a trained hair extensions technician. If you’re looking to try hair extensions – feel free to call us or use the below form.