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Are Hair Extensions Easy to Learn

Are Hair Extensions Easy to Learn?

Trendsetting celebrities are making hair extensions more popular than ever. As a result, if you are a professional hairdresser or even if you’re not, becoming a hair extensions technician is going to be lucrative. But, are hair extensions easy to learn? Let’s discuss.

How to learn hair extensions

Are hair extensions easy to learn? It depends on the type of hair extensions you want to master, as well as your own level of patience and ability to pay attention to detail. If you want, you can follow one of the online hair extension courses available to learn the art and precise science of hair extensions, or if you’ve been browsing for “hair extensions salon services near me”, you’re in luck – we provide some of the best hair extension courses in Sydney. You can either follow our online courses or sign up for in-person training. Either way, you’ll get to experience the best hair extensions training in Sydney.

Do I need qualifications to become a hair extensions technician?

You don’t need a special qualification to become a hair extensions technician. But, you do need to follow a certified hair extension course and learn to apply extensions properly. There are different types of hair extensions. You can choose the types of extension you want to learn.

What do I need to know to become a hair extensions technician?

Once you take a hair extensions course and get in some practice, you can start your own business or join a hair salon. There are different types of hair extensions including keratin fusions, micro links, tape in, clip in and sew in. In addition to learning different types of extensions, you should also learn about what works for different types of hair, colour matching and after care.

What would I learn during a hair extensions course?

Your hair extensions course will cover a number of areas including:

  • How to identify different types of hair
  • The techniques to create volume and length
  • How to do and use different types of hair extensions
  • Hair extensions application on full and half head
  • How to blend colours (including highlights)
  • After care and the best products to use
  • Hair extensions removal
  • Pricing

How do I set up a business as a hair extensions specialist?

First of all, create a feasible and sustainable plan for your business. Conduct market research, do profitability analytics and come up with a logistics and operational plan. If you’re going to apply for a bank loan, a sound business plan will come in handy. You don’t necessarily need to rent salon space to start your hair extensions business. You can use a spare room or garage in your own home. The most important step in starting your own hair extensions business is marketing. You need to create your own brand and build up a client base. However, you don’t need to spend a lot on marketing. Start marketing on social media platforms, talk about hair extensions, follow celebrities and create your own voice.

What else should I consider before becoming a professional hair extensions technician?

Pay attention to your own personal appearance. For example, use your social media presence to build a professional yet friendly and approachable persona.

While hair extensions are easy to learn if you have patience, you need professional guidance. If you’re interested, feel free to call us during office hours or use the form below to sign up for a course.