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How long do weave hair extensions last?

How Long Do Weave Hair Extensions Last?

We’ve all dreamt of gorgeous, mermaid-like locks of voluminous hair. With hair extensions having left the days of being obvious, this is no longer just a dream. Weave type hair extensions are rather popular as they give your hair a natural look. But, how long Do hair extensions last?

How long do weave hair extensions last?

The duration of weave hair extensions depends on aftercare. If you take good care of your extensions, they should last up to 6 – 8 weeks. However, after this time, make sure you visit the salon for a touch up to avoid damaging your hair. If you’re looking for weave hair extensions in Sydney, we offer some of the best hair extensions in Sydney including Russian hair extensions. If you’re interested in getting hair extensions, we can help.

How long does it take to apply weave hair extensions?

This depends largely on the length of your hair and its texture. Generally, it takes between three to six hours to install weave extensions. You might want to bring snacks for your appointment and prepare to spend some time at the salon. Choose a day that isn’t too packed with activities. Make sure you have plenty of time to adjust to your new gorgeous hair. And, perhaps treat yourself to something special afterwards.  

Do weave extensions damage your hair?

Weave extensions won’t damage your natural hair as long as you get a professional hair technician to install them, and take good care of your hair afterwards. Do your research before you pick the hair extensions technician, and make sure you feel comfortable around them. You should feel comfortable enough with the hair stylist to let them know if the extensions cause tension. And, don’t forget to ask plenty of questions about the extensions and after care from the technician.  

What type of hair is best for weave extensions?

There are two types of hair you can choose for your weave extensions. You can either get human hair or go the synthetic route. Both types come in various textures from straight, wavy to curly. Your style options vary depending on the type of hair you choose. As synthetic hair uses synthetic material, you won’t be able to use heat to style hair or colour it without causing damage. But, synthetic hair is cheaper than human hair. However, good quality human hair lasts longer and you can style it freely in abundance much like the glossy locks.

Why choose weave extensions?

These are easy to style and colour, especially if you opt for human hair. You can also sport a natural look with minimal damage. Weave extensions are a great option for those who wish for a temporary style and colours or highlights. For instance, if you’re headed to a music festival, you could get weave extensions in purple. This is no-commitment style that won’t saturate your natural hair with dye.

Professionally applied extensions match your hair flawlessly. But, only a trained hair extensions technician will be able to tell which type of extension works best for you. If you ‘re interested, please call us during office hours or fill the form below.