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How to Look After Weft Hair Extensions

How to Look After Weft Hair Extensions

How to Look After Weft Hair Extensions? Hair extensions are a great way to change your hairstyle and fashion a new look with minimal effort! While hair extensions can help you add volume, more texture or length, they can also be costly, making it essential to look after them properly. 

Without proper maintenance and care, sew in weave hair extensions can get tangled and brittle while causing severe damage to your natural hair. So keep reading as we give you the lowdown on how to look after weft hair extensions. From simple tips to unique solutions, follow these steps for weft hair extensions that are long-lasting and healthy. 

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Gently brush your hair extensions 

As with your natural hair, take care of your weft hair extensions by gently brushing or combing to avoid breaking and damaging your hair. Whether giving it a good brush through in the morning or right after a shower, be sure to separate your hair patiently while removing tangles. Invest in a good hair brush, preferably one specifically made for hair extensions, to avoid hair tangling and breakage.

Use good aftercare products 

Hair extensions need specifically concocted products to treat, protect, and maintain weft hair extensions. RW hair has a range of hair extension care and after-care products varying from specially formulated shampoos and conditioners to wide-toothed combs that ensure that your hair extensions stay nourished and healthy for a long time. Click on ‘shop now’ to get your hands on these goodies!

Avoid sleeping with wet hair extensions 

It’s a big no-no to sleep with wet hair extensions! Damp or wet hair tends to get tangled and matted when sleeping. To avoid this, properly dry your hair and gently brush it without putting pressure on the hair’s cuticles right before sleeping. 

Sleep on satin or silk 

Get yourself a silk or satin sleep turban or a pillowcase as it helps to prevent dryness and tangling. While sleeping on satin and or silk is a great way to avoid damaging your hair, it is also best to practice gently brushing your hair extensions before sleeping. 

Never miss a hair appointment 

Weft hair extensions will last longer if they are adequately cared for. The best way to ensure your hair gets the care it deserves is to schedule maintenance appointments regularly. Qualified hair extensionists can do the needful while giving you more tips and guidance on keeping your hair extensions looking luscious and beautiful. 

Go to a qualified extensionist 

While this may seem obvious, it is essential to always go to a qualified extensionist for hair extensions and aftercare. Visiting an experienced hair extensionist can help you avoid causing irreversible damage to your hair and save time and money. 
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