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How long does a hair extensions course take

How Long Does a Hair Extension Course Take?

Have you been considering adding hair extensions to your business? Or do you simply wish to add some extra skills to your hairdressing arsenal? The best way to learn a new skill is to get some professional training. But, how long does a hair extension course take? And, what can you expect? Let’s discuss in detail.

How long does a hair extension course take?

If you’re already a hairdresser, learning the art of hair extensions will come easily to you. On the other hand, if you’re new to the hairdressing industry, you’ll have to get in a few months of practice with an established professional to become a good hair extensions technician. But, how long does a hair extension course take? It depends on the course structure offered as well as the techniques. While some hair extension courses last about 3 weeks, others wrap up the basic training within a few hours. If you’re looking for hair extension courses in Sydney, we offer both online and in-person courses. Once you complete your hair extension course and get some practice in, you’ll be able to offer your clients hair extension services. And, you can aspire to offer the best hair extensions in Sydney to your clients.

What do you need to learn to become a hair extensions technician?

You don’t necessarily need to be a qualified hairdresser to become a hair extensions technician. Once you complete your hair extensions course, and practice for a few weeks you can set up a business. But, before you do, you need to learn about the industry, what is trendy and what your clients might need. Do your research on popular hair extensions methods, and what works for different types of hair. You’ll need to master your client consultation method and choose a high quality product range. And, don’t forget to consider the finer touches like guiding your clients on aftercare and mastering the perfect colour matching and finishes.

How to get equipped for your hair extensions business

If you’re planning on a mobile business, remember to look for portable equipment. You’ll need some of the following equipment to get started:

  • Hair extensions heat connector
  • Shields for scalp protections
  • Detangle brush
  • Hair sectioning clips
  • Micro ring application pliers and looper tool
  • Remover solution for hair extensions
  • Nano ring fitting and removal tools and looper
  • Training hair for practicing

What you need to know before starting your hair extensions business

Before you start your business, work on your marketing to build a client base. You could use social media platforms for starters, and then slowly move on to your own website. But, don’t forget that word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. Ensure that you also set up a failsafe accounting method as well as administration tools to keep track of your finances and client base.  

Additionally, the hair extensions industry keeps on evolving rapidly, so you need to keep up. Make sure to follow celebrities to find out what is trendy. Most often, hair extension trends are inspired by celebrities.

If you’re looking for a hair extensions course to kick start your career as a hair extensions technician, feel free to contact us during office hours.