RW Hair Extensions

Why get hair extensions?

Why get hair extensions?

Should You Get Them for Thin Hair?

Have you always had thin, rather scraggly hair, and yearned earnestly for a bit of “oomph?” Perhaps, your hair started thinning recently. Whatever the reason, hair extensions can add volume to your natural hair. There are plenty of extension options you could consider to add volume. Hair extensions for thin hair is a common reason why people get them done.

If you wish to add volume to your thin hair naturally, you need to pick the extension option that best suits your natural hair. Feel free to contact us for help. 

Do They Add Length?

Is your hair refusing to grow past a certain point? It is certainly frustrating to care so much for your hair, and witness it remain shorter than you desire. Hair extensions can fix this particular problem, especially since the art has progressed enough to the point of no longer looking obvious.

How to Hide a Bad Haircut With Hair Extensions?

We all have bad hair days, and sometimes get disastrous haircuts. If you wish to hide your latest pixie cut from the world, do it discreetly and style with a suitable hair extension. You could use clip-in extensions which a stylist can blend in skilfully with your natural hair. And, voila, the problem is solved. There is a wide variety you could try to hide a bad haircut. But, remember to always get help from professional, experienced hair stylists.

How to Style Hair Extensions?

Styling hair with lots of hair products, heat and elbow grease every day is a hassle. Instead, you could pick a hair extension option that is easy to use and maintain to glamour up your hair and add a touch of colour too. The additional length and volume can easily accommodate an elegant bun, simple yet appealing braid or even a straightforward ponytail. You might not even have to use an entire set to add thickness and length to your natural hair. A few wefts might just be all that you need.

How to Add Colour to Hair Extensions?

The ombre look appears amazing on Pinterest. But, is it the right choice for you? And, how would you look with a few highlights in your hair? While adding a pop of colour to your hair can make all the difference to your look, dying your hair might not be an option for you, or you might be wary of an experiment going bad. Hair extensions are the perfect solution for this problem.  You can play around with different colours, and avoid damaging your hair.

Hair extensions allow a lot of space to experiment with style and colour, not to mention the possibilities of voluminous locks. But, the type that is best for your hair depends on your requirements, lifestyle and natural hair. If you are looking to get hair extensions – please use the form below, chat with us or call our office during office hours.