ONline RW braid Weave Method Course

International approval Accredited Beginners Training Course for Weave/Wefts Hair Extensions

Hey Guys!

I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait for you to become a #WeaveBossBabe!

My name is Rachael Waddle and I’m the Weave/Weft Business Training Academy Owner and Certified International Approved Teacher.

Can you believe this all started out in my living room?

Starting out with a passion for beautiful, healthy hair, I recognised a gap in the market.

Whilst Sydney has many wonderful things to offer, a modern and gentle weave technique for Caucasian hair was certainly not one of them!

So after trialling and testing many different braiding techniques, ones that were simply not hitting the mark, I decided to create my very own weave method.


RW Hair Extensions braid Weave Method Training Course

Little did I know, that my method was going to take Australia by storm!

This leap of faith changed my life forever and now as a single mum, I’m able to pursue a career doing what I love most, having flexibility, financial freedom and most importantly, more precious time to take care of my daughter and be there to watch her grow.

Starting my business has helped me grow so much as a woman and because of that success, I now want to share it with others!

That’s the reason why I’ve put my heart and soul into this course.

So that I can provide you with as much information as possible, to enable you to become a confident hair extension specialist and go after the life you so much deserve!

I know how committed and passionate you already are about this, otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now, and because of that I will be here to support you every step of the way.

Thank you for choosing me and trusting me to be a part of this very special journey!

Rachael x

Full Amount Due $1,499

Here’s a quick sneak peek at the RW braid Weave method Course!


Need a trusted hair supplier?

You will have access to a special wholesale discount on RW Remy Wefts for all RW Hair Extensions trained students.

RW Weave Online Training Kit

Hit the ground running with the included RW Weave Training course Kit!

No previous hairdressing experience?

Neither did Rachael! No previous hairdressing experience is required but obviously a hu advantage if you do have it! When you sign up to the RW Weave Training Course, all you need is a passion for beautiful hair and drive to succeed!

Example Curriculum

Practical – Tool Kit and Trolly Set Up, Steps 1, 2, 3 & 4 RW weave Weft Training Course

Full Amount Due $1,499

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