About Rachael

Rachael has been committed to the process of Weave / Weft Hair Extensions for over 12 years and, with that experience, delivers the best quality hair available and a gentle braiding method specialising in Caucasian hair.
Through years of experience in the application of weave extensions Rachael has earned the trust of many happy clients. She prides herself on her:

  • Precise non-abrasive application
  • Thorough braiding and sewing technique
  • Proven method reducing damage and allowing the natural hair to grow

Rachael has over 25 shades of Remy Hair Extensions to find your perfect match, ranging from platinum blonde right through to Black.

No glue, clips, beads or tape are used. The hair is braided firmly but gently and the Weft / Weave is sewn onto the hair braid preventing any hair loss. This method allows your hair to grow naturally without any breakage.


Indian Remy Hair Extensions

The hair is of Indian origin, it is our more budget-friendly variety of hair. My Indian Remy hair extensions are machine made with a lot of care, so unlike others, ours do not shed. They are thick from root to tip and last between 2-3 months for medium to light colours and 4-6 months for medium dark to dark depending on how you look after it. Providing a cost effective option for quality hair extensions.


Russian Hair Extensions

100% Real Russian Virgin hair. This is best quality hair you can buy, although much higher in price range, it has never been chemically treated can last up to 8/12/18 months. Prices vary due to different levels of colour, length and width of the weft. A consultation and deposit required.


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